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Nadal’s Defeat – a sign of decline or a driving force

I woke up this morning with nothing to look forward too. Roger was not playing today and I told myself that Nadal will win another clay match. I was feeding my a month old cousin and making roti’s but I went on to click on the link and watched free RG coverage online. I was shocked as soon as I saw the scores. Nadal was already a set down, something I would never imagine would happen and against a player who he just destroyed few weeks ago with straight set beat down. I was expecting a lot more spark between these two guys than it was there. I guess they have grown pass their previous feuds, though Soderling was winning a lot of points, he was modest over his victories. Even though I was shocked out of my mind, I knew that he was gonna win that match. But that was not to be, Soderling maintained his level the same and managed to break Rafa couple of more times and soon he has won the second set. Third set was very close but then again, I was sure Nadal was gonna take the tiebreak and finally it hit me that the biggest upset is in the making when it was slope sided during the tiebreaker with 5-1 on Soderling’s advantage. Nadal’s lost didn’t really sink in properly that time since I was preoccupied with household chores and with my cousin but then I realized what big of an upset it was due to the media response and forum where Nadalites are making excuses for his lost and others cherishing his lost and making weird predictions about Nadal for future.

About this time last year, When Federer was defending his title at Wimbledon, he made his challenger sweat like a mad dog to snatch that batch from him and gave all tennis fans an epic final match but it is totally different in Nadal’s case since he was also defending his title and was on his way to break the record with a five consecutive GR title. A lost in the 4th round is something which no one could have imagined or damned him in their wildest dreams. This goes to tell how good Federer is.
Nadal is a very respectable player and I have always held no grudge against him other than when he played against Federer. I saw him flat on the ground many times and that actually made me like him more since that showed his vulnerability and his human side. I give him full credit for accepting his defeat and making no excuses although he has mentioned after Madrid’s defeat in the final that that lost to Federer will in no ways hinder his chances of snatching his RG title yet again.

Now the biggest speculation is “With Nadal gone, will Federer be able to capitalize on this advantage and win the only title which has eluded him from a career grandslam and tie with Pete Sampras?” In my opinion, Federer is a guy with immense talent matched by no one and the only way to beat him would be psychologically, that’s why he has always had hard times beating Nadal and Murray. Though Murray is not a clay court threat but his mental pressure over Federer is surely a plus point for him. I dont see him going out before Finals. On his way to the final, his possible threats are Del potro (though Federer has an excellent record against him) and Tsonga. Unless he performs unbelievably poor, which is actually a concern regarding his performance in his first three round, his place for the final is set. With Rafa and DjokoBITCH gone, Murray is the only one with the game play to upset Roger but Murray’s place in the Final is quite debatable too.

On the whole if Roger fails to clinch the title, it would be a terrible lost to him and his fans.


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