Tennis World as of Now.

Let me start with the Question, “What’s up with all these hype about the boxing match between this English dude and filipino guy. I believe CNN is only one who bothered to care about this match” Anyways moving on, Rome Masters just concluded and despite so many hopeful predictions of his defeat, Nadal has managed to win his third Masters Series for the year out of four played so far. And that is a great feat. The way he is playing tennis so far is making me say comfortably that he might actually outperform Federer in term of Grand slams. 

Next stop is Madrid and since its a clay court now, you can pretty much predict the champion there as well. As of now, Novak Djokovic is the closest someone who can challenge Nadal on clay, it was Federer last year but there has been a lot of emotional and personal changes been going on his life which is affecting his tennis but its definitely not the time to rule him out for a possible threat. Though number 2, he is at the edge as Murray and Djokovic are trailing little behind. But it seems it will take a bit longer for Murray to catch up since Djokovic has a bit advantage over him at clay and would have to wait till the grass season to create chances of pushing them behind. Nadal is way above any danger from losing his ranking since he is atleast 5000 points ahead of the second ranked. As long as clay season is concerned, you can think of only Federer, Novak and Nadal, the rest dont stand any chance of getting pass any of these guys. Last year around the time of RG, there was a lot of fuzz about Roger might take the French title this year but though he entered the Final, it was a wishful thinking to beat Nadal on his turf and it seems his chances are further than last years and even getting to the final will be a tough nut to crack but you know Federer, he brings his bests at the Slams, so we can expect some Wonders from Federer. 

Anyways, this is nothing sort of any analytical writing or anything. I just wanted to write something and I did, just to relieve myself.


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