Undergraduate in India

Last time I remember talking about Indian colleges, I don’t think it was called Undergraduate. And I think it has started to follow the semester pattern. I think it is a good step towards globalization and making it easier for the NRIs and foreign students to come to India and study. I think India should try its best to attract as much international students as possible and should give priority to a student’s capability rather than preferring someone with a degree outside India.

Private schools are not to the par of Government Schools in India and that’s why I think India should do its best to improve of the quality of life and facilities in these Indian universities.

With the rising acceptance of MBA students in international market, the MBA students are ever increasing and harder to get in the Business schools that really promise the juicy paychecks after graduation. The recent news of XLRI attaining a 100% placement is an exemplary case.
India should now start abolishing the system of entrance exams because kids just after 12th grades are too young to decide what they want or rather they should have the flexibility to change their field of study whenever they want within the first two years since the beginning of college.
As of now I don’t know of any engineering colleges which doesn’t accept students without giving entrance exams. These entrance exams are a drain for creativity among Indian Students. Sometimes I think that all these hectic processes to get in engineering colleges are what attracts these Indian Students who are there to show their academic excellence and not because they are absolutely interested in the field. We need diversity in our students. I dont think the purpose of education in India is to make them capable enough to brain drain them later. We are actually supporting our own downfall in our prosperity. We are supplying these already developed country with our best minds. There fore I think the entry into these engineering colleges should be easier than it is now. In United states students have to pay the same amount within a college no matter what field they are majoring in and that’s one of the defects in the Indian education system. But it is also true that students of creativity in our society don’t have much prosperity later in their future because India doesn’t have that many creativity oriented works. Bollywood is definitely not a creative part of Indian society as long as creativity is concerned. Actors are not at all free to choose their work and there is always the commercial factor leading them to do work which are mostly larger than life experience but no thought provoking works.

There are so many part of Indian University system that needs reformation and until then, complete development is impossible.


2 Responses to “Undergraduate in India”

  1. May 7, 2009 at 7:41 am

    nice blog.. well written!

  2. June 19, 2009 at 7:01 am

    India is the 2nd most populated countries in the world..n we are trying hard to increase literacy in the country..but its hard due to the huge population.. 😦

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